SensorDots Port MuxR

The Port MuxR is like a KVM Switch but for electronics. It's a 8/16 channel, bi-directional, switched bus multiplexer which lets you easily branch out programming cables, logic analysers, debuggers and more.

Here's some of the features:

  • Bidirectional data flow, with near-zero propagation delay through each FET switch.
  • Low ON-state resistance through switch ICs (Ron = 3 Ω typical, @ 3V) and optional series resistors on primary port pins.
  • Low input/output capacitance.
  • -2V undershoot protection prevents the FET (NMOS) switches from inadvertently turning on (when in off state) during signal undershoot events.
  • 0 to 5V signaling levels supported.
  • Supports both digital and analog applications.
  • USB serial/I2C slave control interface with selectable I2C addressing (the I2C port is master mode capable too).
  • Low crosstalk through switches when off.
  • 8 controllable Vcc pins (with LED indicator).
  • 3.3/5V Vcc selection header (with optional external power on adapter boards).
  • 8x8 pin or 16x4 pin multiplexing with additional primary port.
  • Included open-source .NET based control software.
  • Open-source Arduino control firmware for easy updating or modification to suit your requirements.

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Port MuxR Animation