Port MuxR USB Serial Commands

The Port MuxR operates a simple USB serial interface. Each command below is typed out then executed by pressing Enter.

h         - print menu
i         - print board i2c slave address
a[s]      - set all ports to state
            e.g. a1 - all ports on
p[p][c][s]- set port to state
            e.g. p2a1 - port 2 channel a on
v[p][s]   - set vcc, alternative to p[p]v[s]
            e.g. v21 - port 2 vcc on
s         - get port and vcc states
g[g][p][c]- add port to group
            e.g. g21b - add port 1-b to group 2
G[g][p][c]- remove port from group
x[g][s]   - set group
            e.g. x21 - group 2 on
f         - get group mappings - shows the group mappings in a table
r         - reset group mappings
m[m]      - set operation mode
            e.g. m1 - set break before make
d[ms]     - mode switch delay ms<=900 - this is a delay between performing a make/break switching operation
z         - check firmware version
[options] - s = state (1=on/0=off)
            p = port (1-8)
            c = channel (a/b/v=vcc)
            g = group number (1-9)
            m = mode (0 = manual toggle,
                      1 = break-before-make,
                      2 = make-before-break)
chain     - e.g. v11,v21 - port 1,2 vcc on (64 chars maximum)