We just launched a Kickstarter for the SensorDots Social Distancing Badge!

The Social Distancing Badge is an Arduino based LiDAR badge that measures and displays the distance between you and other objects. It features a lightweight and low power design that can be pinned to your bag, backpack, shirt or even be used as a belt buckle or hair clip.

Here's some more of the features:

  • Customisable Arduino based firmware (328PB microcontroller).
  • Eye-safe VL53L1 LiDAR sensor.
  • Micro USB serial and programming interface, as well as recharging.
  • Hackable GPIO interface.
  • 100mAh rechargeable button cell lithium battery.
  • Optional lanyard or safety pin attachment points (badge includes solderable safety pin to clip to a shirt or jacket and 3.2mm holes on the top).
  • 57mm x 38mm x 10mm badge size (thickness includes battery).
  • Low power and easy to read 4 digit LCD display.
  • Status/indicator LED and charging LED.
  • Mode switching button.

Check out the campaign here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sensordots/the-social-distancing-badge