The last month has certainly flown by and a lot has happened. We've ironed out most of the shipping issues and managed to get cheaper worldwide shipping. We've also been receiving some good feedback from customers as well, which is really awesome to hear.

MappyDot has also made the finals of the Hackaday Prize! There's a lot of stiff competition this year, so we are furiously crossing our fingers for the finals judging. This has been very exciting and a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but it's a bucket load of fun.

We've got a few build/how to guides up now and hope to have more in the coming weeks here ( The next thing to go up is a build guide for the Mappyano - a LiDAR piano. You can see a rough demo of it running in our Hackaday Prize finals video ( There's more information about this on the blog ( We've added to and tidied up some of the documentation on the site as well. If you see something that's not quite right or needs clarification, be sure to let us know and it'll be fixed straight away.

We will be attending this year's Makerfaire in Adelaide Australia on the 5th of November. There, we will have the Mappyano, a hand controllable mBot and a few other things for you to play with, along with discounted MappyDots. So come along and check us out. Stay tuned to our twitter page ( for our coverage live from the SensorDots booth.

Just after the Makerfaire, we will be announcing the next sensor we have been working on. There will also be a big stadium sized announcement soon thereafter that we are really excited about.

That's all for now, keep the feedback rolling in and thank you all for your support!