What a week it's been. If you've been following the Tindie store or Twitter closely, you would have noticed that there was a soft launch where we released a small batch of MappyDots for sale. Most of these were snapped up pretty quickly, but we were hard at work getting more ready to ship. We've already sold to the US, Australia, Hungary and Spain, but we want to put a dot everywhere on the map.

There were a couple of production issues which caused a low initial yield on our first batch. While disheartening, these problems have now been sorted. It's a really exciting thing to see each board come out of the programming and test jig, all ready to go. With the production process now refined, we can look forward to churning out several MappyDots a week. If you miss out on stock there will be more not far away, so keep tabs on the Tindie store by adding it to your Wishlist.

In case you missed it, the sources for the MappyDot firmware has also been released on the GitHub repository. We will be accepting any suggestions, fixes or code submissions from everyone. Just submit an issue or pull request and we will check things out.

Documentation will continue to be developed as we identify any new content, and we've already added a few new sections on the docs page, so be sure to take a look. If you have any suggestions or are unclear on anything, drop us a line on the contact page, and we will clarify or create new content as needed.

If have read this far, stop reading and head over to the store to grab your MappyDots now! - https://www.tindie.com/products/blecky/mappydot-micro-smart-lidar-sensor/