MappyDot Plus Field of View

The receiving SPAD array of the VL53L1x sensor includes 16x16 SPADs which cover the full field of view (FoV) of a scene. It is possible to program a smaller region of interest (ROI), with a smaller number of SPADs, to reduce this FoV.

The ROI is a square or rectangle defined by two corners: top left and bottom right. Four coordinates are used to localize these two corners on the full SPAD array:

  • TopLeftX
  • TopLeftY
  • BotRightX
  • BotRightY

The minimum ROI size is 4x4. An example of an ROI setting is given below:

Example FOV
VL53L1X ROI SPAD array setting example (taken from ST VL53L1 API documentation).


The following image shows the coordinates of an object in the SPAD array compared to the location in the Field of View/Scene.