LED Error Flash Codes

Hover over or click LED image to show flash pattern.


Bootloader Mode

Rapid flashes on startup for 500ms or continuous when in bootloader mode.


Auto Addressing Error

4x flash every 500ms of startup after a few seconds. Device will try to recover previously used address if available (if previously obtained an auto address and it is not the master address; 0x08). If this address is not available, the LED will flash indefinitely and device will not start.


Bad Address Range (when setting address manually or there is greater than 112 devices)

Continuous flash every 100ms. Device will not start.


Sensor Initialisation Failure

Continuous fade in. Device will not start.


No Settings in EEPROM (program defaults loaded)

4x 100ms flashes on startup. Device will continue to start.


Factory Mode

Continuous fade in and out. Continues to fade until factory mode exits.


Calibration Failure

4x 500ms flashes. Occurs after calibration if failure detected.


Calibration Succeeded

1x 200ms flash. Occurs after calibration if succeeded.